The Future of Israeli Education – The President’s Conference

Who would have believed? The discussion on the future of Israeli education was not only impassioned, but was also delivered to a packed audience. Throughout the President’s Conference it became clear that education is widely viewed as one of the most strategic issues to Israel’s future.The speakers on the panel, moderated by Rabbi Shay Piron, included Talal Alkrinawi – Mayor of Rahat, Dr. Shimshon Shoshani – Outgoing CEO of Taglit and Former Director General of the Ministry of Education, Karen Tal – Principal of Bialik Rogozin, and Moshe (Bogi) Ya’alon – Former IDF Chief of Staff and myself.The Minister of Education of Singapore, Dr. Ng Eng Hen and the Minister of Education of Israel, Prof. Yuli Tamir listened to the panel from the audience and later came up to the podium to deliver their speeches.