Gas terminal explosion in Egypt -“the Israeli government must take bold action to develop alternate sources of energy”

Following the explosion at a gas terminal in Egypt, MK Dr. Einat Wilf, Chair of the Independence Knesset faction and member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense committee, released the following statement:”Today’s sabotage  of a natural gas terminal in Egypt that supplies gas to Israel is a reminder of the need for the Israeli government to take bold action to develop alternate sources of energy. Israel must reduce its dependence on the resources of other countries, especially considering some of those countries are either hostile or unstable.”In terms of protecting the home front, Israel’s independence from traditional power plants, using solar field distribution along the Negev, will prevent Israel’s enemies the ability to disable the electricity grid by targeting pipelines or major power stations. The field of solar energy has a huge potential to upgrade the political, security, economic, environmental and social state of Israel.”In order to develop an adequate source of solar energy the government of Israel must urgently expedite the procedures for granting licenses to  small, medium and large solar field operators to establish solar power plants, lift the quotas on medium fields, and unfreeze the large field solar program.”