MK Wilf Appointed Chair of Sub-Committee on Diaspora Affairs

Today, December 19th, MK Dr. Einat Wilf was appointed the chair of the Knesset sub-committee on Diaspora affairs within the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs. The Knesset sub-committee will coordinate all issues relating to the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people. MK Wilf will remain in the position for the remaining duration of the 18th Knesset and will continue to hold the position simultaneously when she begins to serve as the chair of the Education Committee in May of this year.

Referring to the appointment MK Wilf said: “Strengthening ties between Israel and the Jewish people is something that I have been closely involved in throughout my adult life and I’m looking forward to engaging in this work through the Knesset sub-committee. I intend to use the position as a platform to discuss and design a new contract between Israel and the Jewish people; based on equality and partnership, breaking out of the paradigm that has shaped that relationship for the last 65 years. World Jewry has more to offer than simply promoting aliyah or donating money. The committee will also seek to change the discussion about Israelis living abroad from the current dichotomous relationship between aliyah and yeridah.

“The committee will seek also to serve as a venue for Jews around the world to discuss issues crucial to Israel’s future. In my opinion it is important that the Jewish people have a say regarding the connection between Jewish values and the exclusion of women, or the inclusion of Haredi in the workforce or the implementation of a core curriculum in religious schools. There is no reason that the views of the ultra Orthodox should highjack the discussion on Jewish values in Israel. As a first step I would like to change the name of the sub-committee from ‘Diaspora Affairs’ to ‘Relations between Israel and the Jewish people’.”

Click here to watch a video of MK Wilf outlining her vision for a new contract between Israel and the Jewish People.