Independence Faction welcomes PM’s decision not to renew Tal Law for another 5 years

The Independence Faction commends the Prime Minister for his decision not to renew the Tal Law for another five years and to examine the proposal of the Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, to extend the law for one year in order to find alternative solutions for mandatory national military or civic service.

During the upcoming faction meeting, Barak will introduce alternative legislation based on three principles:
1.    The IDF will recruit according to their needs among citizens age 18.
2.    Every citizen of Israel who is not recruited to join the army is required  to perform a year of civic duty.
3.    After their first year of service, IDF soldiers will receive a credit equivalent to minimum wage that can be used towards purchasing a post-secondary education or professional training.

Independence Faction Chair, MK Dr. Einat Wilf said: “The implementation of the principles to be proposed by the Minister of Defense will cancel the exemption from military service for Yeshiva students and enables citizens to enter the work force after one year of military or civic service. The proposed changes will improve equality, promote fairness and advance the notion of collective responsibility.”