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Dr. Einat Wilf’s Introduction to Israel

Dr. Einat Wilf, former member of the Israeli parliament (Knesset), giving a very broad overview of what Israel is. She discusses Zionism, how Israel was first born of the mind, Israel as an immigrant society, what it means to be the Jewish state, Israel’s Arab minority, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel’s Labor Party and Reasonable Political Debate

Dr. Einat Wilf, former Member of Knesset, speaking about Israel’s Labor Party and Reasonable Political Debate at an Australia-Israel Labor Dialogue in Trades Hall, Sydney, Australia. Dr. Wilf was in Australia as a guest of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC).

The Red Carpet Syndrome

Dr. Einat Wilf, former member of the Israeli Knesset, discusses her career path and what she describes as “The Red Carpet Syndrome” – the sense of entitlement that comes not from wealth or lineage, but from merit. The lecture was given in Tel Aviv to students visiting Israel from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Left and Right in Israel: What’s the Difference?

Former Member of Knesset, Dr. Einat Wilf, and Israeli entrepreneur and settlement leader, Dani Dayan, speaking about their views on a one vs two state solution and the settlement movement. The conversation highlights the fine line that separates Left and Right in Israel. The conversation was organized by Canada’s CIJA, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

The Challenge for France

The attacks in Paris were not France’s 9/11, but its Dreyfus Affair. They are not attacks from outside, but attacks that come from within France and are directed at its heart. Like the Dreyfus Affair that engulfed France and split…