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Trump Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement Omission of Jews

International Holocaust Remembrance Day has become the Bad-people-did-something-bad-to-a-bunch-of-other-people-Day” – In response to President Trump’s and the White House’s deliberate omission of Jews on that day, Dr. Einat Wilf on ILTV discusses the disturbing process by which Holocaust Remembrance around the world has turned into universal mush and has become one more insidious form of denying the nature of the Holocaust and the obsessive ideology that put it into motion.

UNSC Resolution 2334

Dr. Einat Wilf, former Member of Knesset, on ILTV discussing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334. She argues the notion that the two-state solution was ever accepted by the Arab Palestinians and only Israel killed it through settlement building is simply wrong and that the resolution provides an excellent legal basis for moving all foreign embassies to west Jerusalem.

Zionism: An Indigenous Movement

“Zionism is a liberation movement of an indigenous people returning home that did not seek the displacement of the local population.” In this video of an interview conducted during Dr. Wilf’s recent visit to New Zealand – a country that has learnt to tell a remarkable story where all groups are and feel at home – she discuss the misconceived view of Zionism as a movement of foreign colonialists seeking to displace the local population.

UNRWA and the Perpetuation of Palestinian Refugees

Dr. Einat Wilf on “Ask the Source” discussing the subversive political nature of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem.

The Age of Women – Profile in Atmosphere Magazine

The Era of Women In observance of International Women’s Day, meet Einat Wilf. Since leaving the Knesset two years ago, Wilf has traveled the world on a dynamic one-woman mission, an informal ambassador presenting Israel’s case to Jewish communities and…