winning-1The story of Israel and Zionism has been hijacked, disfigured, and trampled upon. It has been deliberately replaced by a story about sinister ideologies and evil motivations. When this tale of evil becomes the reigning story, peace becomes ever less possible, since evil is not to be negotiated with, but eradicated. If peace is ever to be made, the story of Israel and Zionism is to be told anew. In this second volume of her recent essays, Dr. Einat Wilf demonstrates how the true telling of the story of Israel and Zionism opens the path to peace with the Palestinians and the entire Arab and Muslim world.

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What Everyone Needs to Know About Zionism and Israel

In this presentation to a group of students, Dr. Wilf gives a broad introduction to Israel by presenting five concepts that are critical to understanding Israeli society, history, and politics. In less than an hour, she provides a framework for understanding what is really going on in Israel, and why.

The Intersectional Power of Zionism

Zionism has a story to tell that is not only about Jews or for Jews. Zionism has a story to tell that, when properly understood, has the power to inspire people and peoples to great acts of daring and sacrifice. Zionism tells a simple story: Victimhood is not destiny. A history of marginalization, humiliation, discrimination, persecution, massacres, and even genocide can be transcended. A people, no matter how downtrodden, can find within themselves the power to change their future.

Interview on Zionism

“What is your definition of Zionism?”, “Would you define Zionism as a progressive idea?”, “How do you balance Jewish and Arab ties to the Land of Israel?”, “How is Zionism relevant to Israel’s diversity?”, “Is the Arab Israel perspective on Israel unique?” I discuss these issues and more in this detailed half-our interview conducted and produced by Stand with Us.

Feminism and Zionism

Should Zionists and feminists publicly identify themselves as such, or have the labels become too harmful to the causes? In this op-ed published in the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Wilf suggests that if Zionists and feminists retreat from using “Zionist” and “feminist” to describe their principles, then the great strides made by both movements will be in danger.

Zionism: An Indigenous Movement

“Zionism is a liberation movement of an indigenous people returning home that did not seek the displacement of the local population.” In this video Dr. Wilf discusses the misconceived view of Zionism as a movement of foreign colonialists seeking to displace the local population.

What is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Really About and How Will it End

Dr. Einat Wilf giving a definitive explanation as to the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how it will end.

An Israeli Leftist Finds Glimmer of Hope

Dr. Wilf grew up as a member of the Israeli left who believed that when the Palestinians would have their own sovereign state, Israel would finally live in peace. But like many Israelis of the left, she lost the certainty that she once had. This essay in Al Monitor reveals Dr. Wilf’s new vision for peace.